Flags represent identity and tribal pride. People everywhere gather around their flag, and are willing to die for it. Unfortunately, they are also ready to kill for it. Thus, it becomes a generator of nationalism, hate and separation between individuals and peoples.
In reaction to these negative sentiments, my work is about canceling differences and removing barriers.
This is done by eliminating a significant factor of flags - their colors.

End of Colors includes:
1) 36 B/W drawings, two flags on each.
Size: 34 x 48cm (W x H)
2) 9 B/W drawings ("color key")
Size: 29 x 34cm (W x H)
3) A video loop based on documentary footage
dealing with destruction of flags in different parts
of the world since 1989.

COLOR - 1. the sensation resulting from stimulation of the retina of the eye by light waves of certain length 3. any coloring matter; dye; pigment; paint; 7. The color of the skin of a negro or other person's skin 9. a) a flag or banner of a country, regiment, etc. b) the armed forces of a a country, symbolized by the flags 10. the side that a person is on; position or opinion.
(extract from: Webster's New World Dictionary)

Argumenta, Atlas Gallery in Lodz, Poland, 2006