אברהם אילת
Born in Tel-Aviv, Israel, 1939.

1953 - 1957 Herzlia Gymnasium, Tel Aviv
1957 - 1960 Military service
1960 - 1978 Member of kibbutz Shamir, upper Galilee.
1978 - 1995 lives and works in Haifa
Since 1983 Lecturer at the Haifa College of Design.
Since 1995 Lives in En Hod, works in Haifa
1970 - 1971 St. Martin's School of Art, London, GB
1966 - 1967 Atelier 17, Paris, France
1962 - 1965 The High School of Painting, Tel Aviv
2011 - NRW residency stipend, Germany
2003 - The Ministry of Education and Culture award, Israel
1997 - Artist in residence, Tisch School of the Arts, NYU, New York
1996 - The Haifa Foundation award, Israel
1989 - "Premio Cervo", Brindisi, Italy
1970 - Sharet grant for studies abroad, Israel
1962 - Davidson award, Israel
Since 2004 Chairman of Pyramida, Center for Contemporary Art, Haifa
2000 - 2001 Chief curator of The Israeli Museum of Photography
1995 - 1999 Chairman of Pyramida - Centre for Contemporary Art, Haifa, Israel
1992 - Co founder of Pyramida
1989 - 1992 Curator of Photography at the Haifa Museum of Art
1988 - 1992 Member of the national committee for visual arts (Ministry of Culture & Education)
1985 - 1986 Founder of The 1st Israeli Biennale of Photography
1994 - Stone in Galilee lll, Intarnational Sculpture Symposium, Ma'alot, Israel   
1993 - Stone in Galilee ll , International Sculpture Symposium, Ma'alot, Israel   
1991 - Struck Prize, Haifa, Israel   
  - Prize for Young Artists, Ministry of Culture & Education, Israel   
1982 - The Biennale of Young Artists, Haifa Museum of Art, Israel   
2019 - Trench Fever, The Cube, Jerusalem. Curator: Dan Orimian  
  - People I met, KulturForum Alte Post, Neuss, Germany. Curator: Klaus Richter  
  - CONTEMPLATIONS ON VICTORIA PLATZ, Stadtmuseum , Duesseldorf. Curator: Dr. Christoph Danelzik-Brueggemann  
2017 - 3 exhibitions in Yerevan, Armenia. curator: Nazareth Koroyan, 1. The Fear of What is Suddenly Too Late at the Modern Art Museum , 2. Islands of Memory at HayArt cultural center
 3. The Art of Museums at Dalan gallery
  - Cycles, works from the sixsties, Hanina gallery, Tel Aviv curator: Ron Bartosh  
  - Unsolved Puzzles, Artists House, Dusseldorf, Germany   
2016 - The Art of Museums, Galerie Lausberg, Dusseldorf, Germany (a book)   
  - From Nothing to Maybe. curator: Meira Peri-Lehman, Municipal Gallery, Kfar Saba, Israel (cat.)   
  - "Common Grounds" - 2 men exhibition with Moshe Kagan, Art gallery at kibbutz Ramot Menashe, Israel,    
2014 - From Nothing to Maybe, Artists House, Düsseldorf, Germany. Curator: Michael Voetz   
  - Accumulations, The Edge Art Center, Nahariya, Israel   
2013 - Happy Schmerzbau, Onomato, Düsseldorf, Germany   
2012 - Accumulated Times. curator: Kziyah Alon, Space for Art, Jaffa   
  - Deapth of the Surface, Janco-Dada Museum. Curator: Gilad Ophir, Ein Hod, Israel (cat.)   
2011 - The Armchair, Erlich gallery, Tel Aviv, two-men show with Zohar Cohen   
2010 - Psychophysical Time, G-Art Gallery, Istanbul (cat.)   
  - Fear , Galerie 21, Cologne, Germany   
2009 - Scratches, the gallery of the photography department at The Neri Bloomfield Academy of Design and Education, Haifa, Israel   
2008 - "It's Not All Black", Yair art gallery, Tel Aviv   
2007 - "Diary of a Samurai", Artists studios house, Düsseldorf, Germany   
  - "Psychophysical Time", Galeria Curtae Veche, Bucharest, Romania   
  - histories, lochamei hagetaot gallery, kibbutz Lochamei Hagetaot, Israel   
2006 - Avraham Eilat,"Tmunat Machzor", The Okashi Museum of Arta, Akko (Acre), Israel   
2005 - "Landscapes of Void, Etchings", bineth gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel   
  - Monart museum, Ashdod, Israel (in the framework of the exhibition "Beresheet")  
  - "Deep Digging", Goren college af design, Yizrael valley, Israel   
  - "The Silence of the Sea", The National maritime Museum, Haifa, Israel (a book)   
  - "Psychophysical Time", Galeria Wschodnia, Lodz, Poland   
  - "Avraham Eilat" אברהם אילת , gallery at Michael Pappe law office , Haifa, Israel    
2004 - "Suspicious Symptoms", The Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Israel (cat.), curator: Shlomit Shaked  
  - "work in Progress", Artists Studios House, Düsseldorf, Germany   
2003 - Avraham Eilat, "Mortal", Pyramida Center for Contemporary Art, Haifa, Israel (cat.)  
2002 - "The Fear of what is Suddenly too Late", Artists Studios house, Düsseldorf, Germany   
2001 - Town hall, Marseille, France   
2000 - "112 Portraits Front & Back" , galeria FF, Lodz, Poland (cat.)  
1999 - Galerie Franz Kafka, Prague, Czech Republic   
  - Artists gallery, Ein Hod, Israel   
  - Avraham Eilat, Galerie Heiko Andreas, Düsseldorf, Germany (with Felix Droese)  
1998 - Accumulations, Galerie ScauRaum, Düsseldorf, Germany   
1997 - Art Faculty Educational Gallery, Haifa University, Israel   
1996 - "Trap" , Efrat gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel   
  - Hieroglyphics of Reality, Many H. Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel (cat.)  
  - Galeria Krzystofory, Krakow, Poland (cat.)   
1995 - Studio in Landscape, Amuka, Israel   
1994 - Junk or Wonderful Unities, Janco Dada Museum, Ein Hod, Israel   
  - Kabri gallery, kibbutz Kabri, Israel   
  - The Third Eye gallery, kibbutz Hasolelim, Israel   
1993 - The Studio, Ra'anana, Israel   
1992 - From the Gut - from the Mind, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, curators: Meira Perry-Lehman & Nissan Perez   
1990 - Neglected Gardens, Noga gallery, Herzlia, Israel   
1989 - Carre Estampe gallery, Luxemburg   
  - The Arts Center, Givat Haviva, Israel   
1988 - Moment gallery, Hamburg, Germany   
  - Schloss Mittersil, Austria   
1986 - Kibbutz gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel   
1985 - Photographs, Camera Obscura gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel   
1984 - Graphic 3 gallery, Haifa, Israel   
1981 - Structures for a Given Interior, Haifa Museum of Art, Haifa, Israel (cat.) curator: Yehudith Shen-Dar  
  - Forces and Tensions, Ein Harod Museum of Art, Israel, curator: Galia Bar-Or   
  - Bucher & Kunst Galerie, Vienna, Austria   
1980 - Wilfried House, Museum of Art, Kibbuts Hazorea, Israel   
  - Art Gallery, kibbutz Elon, Israel   
  - Graphics 3 Gallery, Haifa, Israel   
  - Perlinger Galerie, Worgl, Austria (book)  
  - Hakibbutz Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel   
  - Bet Edelstein, Kiryat Shemona, Israel   
1978 - Mabat Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel   
  - Graphics 3 Gallery, Haifa, Israel   
  - Maison de Pablo Neruda, Arles, France   
  - Hakibbutz Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel   
  - Works on paper, Kultur Centrum, Brunnen, Switzerland   
1977 - Alexandrowich Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel   
1976 - Artists House, Jerusalem, Israel   
1975 - Avraham Eilat - Drawings, Museum of Modern Art, Haifa ,Israel (cat.) curator: Gavriel Tadmor  
1974 - Graphics 3 Gallery, Haifa, Israel   
  - The little Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel   
1970 - Avraham Eilat & Daniel Peralta, Haramati gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel   
1969 - Galerie L'Archifleur, Paris   
  - Galerie Eremitage, Schwatz, Austria (cat.)   
  - Hakibbutz Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel   
1967 - Bet Uri & Rami ,Museum of Art, Ashdot Ya'akov, Israel   
1965 - Bet Uri & Rami, Museum of Art,, Ashdot Ya'akov, Israel, 1962   
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  - ,    
2021 - איך נפלו גיבורים How Heroes Fell ?, P8 gallery, Tel Aviv   
  - פולחנים -Rituals, נולובז - Nulobaz, Tel Aviv   
2019 - Bread and Roses, , Tel Aviv   
  - Taking off - Landing, Shaar 3 gallery, Haifa   
  - Homage to Yoram Lehmann, Hakubiya,, Jerusalem   
  - Alles Museum, Museum Goch,, Goch, Germany   
  - 60 years to Wadi Salib riot שישים שנה למאורעות ואדי סליב, Pyramida, Haifa   
2018 - Homage to Pyramida's Founders, Pyramida Art Center, Haifa, Israel   
  - No Pasaran, Jerusalem Print Workshop, Jerusalem   
  - New Exhibitions - video screening of RUN, Umm-El Fahem gallery, Umm-El Fahem, Israel   
  - Meeting by chance, Siman She'ela, kibbutz Amir, Israel   
  - Gadish, Beit Hankin, Kfar Yehoshua, Israel   
  - Transformation & Identity, Trauma & Reconciliation, Exhibition and Fanzine project, Sa Sa projects space, Phnom Penh, Cambodia   
  - Dialog: Sidon Rothenberg and artists in the workshop, Jerusalem Print Workshop, Jerusalem. Israel   
2017 - Sketcbooks, Gate 3, Haifa   
  - Artists books, Artport, Tel Aviv   
  - Bread and Roses, Kalisher Gallery, Tel Aviv   
  - Euphoria, 6 days + 50 Years, Museum Ein Harod, Israel,    
  - Staring Back at the Sun, Zacheta National Gallery of Art, Warsaw, Poland   
  - מורה דרך, מורי המכון לאמנות בתל-חי, גלריה מחניים,    
  - Dangerous Art/ Safe Shore - State of Emergency, Haifa Museum of Art,    
  - 100 years to "Fountain" of Duchamps, Janco-Dada Museum, En-Hod, Israel   
2016 - Staring Back at the Sun, New Museum, New York, USA   
  - DADA in Israeli Contemporary Art, Janco-Dada Museum, En Hod, Israel (cat.)   
  - Staring Back at the Sun, Towson university, Center for the Arts, Baltimore, USA,    
  - The Sculpture Garden, The Open University, Raanana, Israel (cat.),    
  - Dusseldorf Photo Weekend, Lausberg Gallery, Dusseldorf, Germany (a book),    
  - Polaris, Gate 3, Haifa, Israel,    
  - The Golden Calf, Ein Hod main gallery, Ein Hod, Israel   
  - 10 Years Celebration , Yair gallery, Tel Aviv   
  - Object's Poetry, Gate 3, Haifa   
  - Staring Back at the Sun, Casa do Povo, Sao Paulo, Brasil,    
  - Staring Back at the Sun, Hauser Wirth & Schimmel, Los Angeles, USA,    
2015 - Homage to the Dead Sea, Janco- Dada Museum, En-Hod, Israel,    
  - Flora Palestina, The New gallery, Musrara, Jerusalem   
  - Exhibition 3 of "25 Years" series, Oranim, gallery of Israeli art, Oramim campus, Kiryat Tiv'on, Israel   
  - Gate 3 gallery-shop, Haifa, Israel,    
  - Drive in - Israeli Photography in the 1980s, Ashdod Art Museum, Ashdod, Israel (cat.)   
  - know Identity, Galerie Lausberg, Düsseldorf (cat.)  
  - Exhibition No. 3, Oranim art gallery, Kiryat Tivon   
2014 - Secret Art, Mani House, Tel Aviv   
  - Bread and Roses, Kastiel Space , Tel Aviv   
  - Painting Camp 7, Ramla Contemporary Art Station, Ramla, Israel   
  - Bunkers Walls and Trenches, The Edge Art Center, Nahariya, Israel   
  - Workshop Myth: Four Decades - "Rise Against", Jerusalem Print Workshop, Israel   
  - Winners of the 2013 ministry of culture art and design awards , Haifa Museum of Art, Haifa, Israel (cat.)   
  - Bunkers Walls and Trenches, Trumpeldor gallery, art center - Beer Sheva University, Beer Sheva, Israel   
  - Sale exhibition, Hanina Gallery, Tel Aviv   
  - Carrier Pigeon Volume 4 Launch, Blackburn 20/20 gallery, New York, USA   
  - Rise Against, Jerusalem Print Workshop, Jerusalem   
2013 - The 5th biennale for Drawing in Israel, Artists House, Jerusalem, Israel (internet cat.)   
  - Pistol Packing Print!, Emoa Space, New York   
  - Ready-Set-Go, Janco-Dada Museum, Ein-Hod, Israel (cat.)   
  - Print Time, The Open Museum, Tefen, Israel (cat.)   
  - The Spaces Below / The Spaces Above, international art event, down town Haifa   
  - Project eXodus - an eye for an eye, kulturzentrum Sudbahnhof, Krefeld, Germany   
  - Layers of Identity, LA Print Space, Los Angeles, USA   
  - From the Threshing Floor and From the Wine Press, Machanayim art gallery, Kibbutz Machanyuim, Upper Galilee, Israel   
  - 60/60, Ein Hod gallery, Ein Hod, Israel   
2012 - Helpmate, Pyramida Centre for Contemporary Art, Haifa, Israel   
  - Edge of Border, Machanayim, art gallery   
  - Im memory of Boaz Tal, Artists House, Tel Aviv   
  - Haifa - Jerusalem - Tel Aviv, Pyramida Centre for Contemporary Art, Haifa, Israel   
  - Art Israel Internet Biennial 2, Israel State of Mind , 3DVAS    
  - Land of Promise - screening of Israeli video-Art , Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv   
  - Lyrical Correctness, Wizo Design Academy, Haifa, Israel   
2011 - Lyrical Correctness, Fifty-Fifty gallery, Düsseldorf, Germany (cat.)   
  - Auf des Spuren Judicher Zeichen, Kultur Bahnhof Eller, Düsseldorf, Germany (cat.)  
  - Projecting artists films, Film Museum Black Box, Düsseldorf, Germany   
  - No Black Flowers, Pyramida center for Contemporary Art, Haifa, Israel   
  - Land of Promise, contemporary Israeli vido-art, Israeli Consulate, Boston, USA   
  - Artist Driven, Powerhouse Arena, NYC, New York, USA   
  - Carrier Pigeon, issue 3 release exhibition, Blackburn 20/20 Gallery, NYC, USA   
  - projection of artists films , Kunstverein Duisburg, Duisburg, Germany   
  - Black & White, The Red House gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel   
  - Lyrical Correctness, August Pieper Haus, Aachen, Germany   
  - Carrier Pigeon 1st Anniversary Exhibition, Blackburn 20/20 gallery, New York   
  - Carrier Pigeon, Issue 4 release exhibition, Sacred gallery, NY NY, USA   
  - Bread and Roses Art Sale, , Tel Aviv   
  - About Paper: New works in the drawings and prints collection, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel   
2010 - Bread and Roses, Minshar, Tel Aviv, Israel   
  - Reshamim, Israeli Biennale of drawing, FLOODING - Jerusalem Print Workshop, Jerusalem, Israel (cat.)   
  - Wadi Saliv - Layers, Pyramida Center of Contemporary Art, Haifa, Israel (cat.)   
  - Day Dreaming, Florentin 45, Tel Aviv, Israel   
  - Brown - Earth, Um-El Fahem art gellery, Israel (cat.)   
  - "Scrolls", Kupferman's House, Lochamei Hagetaot, Israel  
  - "Searching for God", The Ohio State University, Kuhn Fine Arts Gallery, USA   
  - "Back from Israel", Atelier am Eck, Düsseldorf, Germany   
  - Artists Books, The Jerusalem Print Workshop, Jerusalem, Israel (cat.)   
  - New Acquisitions, The Israeli Graphoteque, Bet Ariella, Tel Aviv   
  - Dark Visions In Print, Secred gallery, NYC, New York, USA   
  - Il Senso del Tempo Tra Storia e Conoscenza, Archivio di stato Novara, Novara, Italy   
  - Identity, Plan D, Düsseldorf, Germany   
  - Suitcase, Jacob Lawrence Gallery, School of Art, University of Washington, Seattle, USA   
  - Haifa - plovdiv, pyramida crnter for contemporary art, Israel   
2009 - "The End of it is to be Found at the Top", Pyramida Center of Contemporary Art, Haifa, Israel   
  - "Bem-Bom" , Contemporao Espaco de Performance, Florianopolis, Brazil   
  - "On the Spot", exhibition in the olive grove, Ein Hod, Israel   
  - "Fotografie Aus Israel" , Kultur Bahnhof Eller, Düsseldorf, Germany (cat.)  
  - "We Are" , Gallery of Kibbutz Yad Mordechai, Israel (cat.)  
  - "The Silence of the Sea", The Edge Gallery, Nahariya, Israel   
  - "Confrontation" , Jerusalem Print Workshop, Jerusalem, Israel (cat.)  
  - "Artist-Printer Dialogue", The Open University hosts the Jerusalem Print Workshop, Raanana Israel  
  - "The Kibbutz Dining Room", Kibbutz Ifat dining room, Israel   
  - "Contemporary Etchings & Monotypes", The National Arts Club, New York U.S.A.  
2008 - "International Triennale of Contemporary Art" (ITCA) , National Gallery, Prague (cat.)  
  - "The Birth of Now, art in the 1960's", Ashdod Art Museum, Monart Center, Israel (cat.)  
  - "Twisted Reality", The Israeli Center for Digital Art, Holon, Israel (cat.)  
  - "The Art of Persuation", Westchester Community Colleg Art Gallery, New York   
  - "Nowhere" [Shumakom], Pyramida Center for Contemporary Art, Haifa, Israel   
  - "Criticized Report" [Duach Mevukar] , Pyramida Center for Contemporary Art, Haifa, Israel   
  - "The Spirit of Things" , Yair art gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel   
  - "To Know Fire", Florentin 45 art space, Tel Aviv, Israel (cat.)   
  - "The Ten Plus Group - Myth and Reality", Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Israel  (cat.)  
  - "Stills 4/5" , Oranim Art Institute, Kiryat Tiv'on, Israel   
  - "The Salt of Earth", Wilfried Museum, Hazorea Israel (cat.)  
  - Holiday of Holidays - "Window, Dream", Wadi Nisnass and Bet Hageffen gallery, Haifa Israel (cat.)  
  - 10 plus, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv, Israel   
2007 - "Traces", The Third Bienalle for Drawing in Israel , Artists House, Jerusalem (cat.)  
  - "The Other Sea" , Artists House, Jerusalem, Israel (cat.)  
  - "Drawing Follows Media" , Pyramida Center for Art, Haifa, Israel   
  - "One And All" , Artists House, Jerusalem, Israel (cat.)  
  - "Insulae" , Italian Culture Institute, Haifa, Israel (cat.)  
  - "Ulay Babait" , Pyramida Center for Art, Haifa, Israel (cat.)  
  - "4 Young Artists" , Ha'kibbutz gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel   
  - "The Intelligible Non-Violent Art", Kunststation Kleinsassen, Germany (cat.)  
  - "Oh, My Homeland" , Artists House, Tel Aviv, Israel   
  - "Cats", Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv, Israel   
  - "Grosse Kunst Ausstellung", Düsseldorf, Germany (cat.)  
  - "CT Fish" , Ha'kibbutz gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel (cat.)  
  - "Ein Jahr - 34 Positionen - 34 Raume", Museum of Modern Art, Hunfeld, Germany   
2006 - "The Silence of The Sea" , Italian Culture Center, Haifa, Israel   
  - "The Divine Image" , The Israel Museum, Jerusalem (cat.)  
  - "The Intelligible Non-violent Art", Atlas Sztuki gallery, Lodz, Poland   
  - "Everyone and His Monster", Pyramida Center for Contemporary Art, Haifa, Israel   
  - "Haifa in the Eye of the Camera" , Haifa City Museum, Israel   
  - "Videostoria Series #3: Live Acts Performing the Body" , Haifa Museum of Art, Israel   
  - "Tracing Shadows" , The Israel Museum, the Youth Ruth Wing, Jerusalem, Israel   
  - "New Territories", De Hallen, Brugge, Belgium (cat.)  
  - "Illness Report" , Ben Gurion University art gallery, Beer-Sheva, Israel (cat.)  
  - "An Issue of Disagreement", Pyramida Center for Contemporary Art, Haifa   
  - Holiday of Holidays - "Black Coffee", Bet Hageffen Gallery, Haifa Israel (cat.)  
  - "The Suitcase", Kunsthallen Braenderigarden, Viborg Finland  
2005 - "Degel Adom" (Red Flag) , the printing workshop, kibbutz Nirim, Israel   
  - "Forst Am Meer", Mittelstrimmig, Germany   
  - "The kitchen" , Pyramida Center for Contemporary Art, Haifa, Israel   
  - "Argumenta" , Galeria Atlas, Lodz, Poland   
  - "Motiva" , Austria Center, Vienna, Austria   
  - "Suitcase", "A3" , Pyramida Center for Contemporary Art, Haifa, Israel   
  - "Israeli Lovemarks" , Tel Aviv port, Tel Aviv, Israel   
2004 - "Towards Cinema" - Videostoria series chapter ll , Haifa Museum of Art, Israel (cat.)  
  - Holiday of Holidays - "Utopia", Wadi Nisnass, Haifa Israel (cat.)  
  - "Souvenir - Transfert -Imaginair", Wandering exhibition, Siberia Russia (cat.)  
  - Winners of the ministry of culture prizes, Haifa Museum of Art, Haifa Israel (cat.)  
  - Wandering Library, The Jewish Museum, Venice, Italy   
2003 - "The Wandering Library" , artists books, The Jewish Museum, Venice, Italy   
  - "Thou Shalt Make..." , Time for Art - Israeli Art Center, Tel Aviv (cat.)  
  - "Video Zero - Communication Interferences", Haifa Museum of Art, Israel (cat.)  
  - "Under a Falling Tree", Pyramida Center for Contemporary Art, Haifa   
  - "The Holiday of Holidays", The Mediterranean, Wadi Nisnass, Haifa, Israel (cat.)  
  - "In Line - Outline", Pyramida Center for Contemporary Art, Haifa Israel  
2002 - "A Girl with Blue Hair", Pyramida, Center for Contemporary Art, Haifa, Israel   
  - "Markers 2", Kassel, Germany; The Jerusalem Theater, Israel (cat.)  
  - "Israelische Zeitgenossische Malerei", Sparkasse, Krefeld, Germany   
  - "Shanghai in the Eyes of World Artists", Municipal Museum, Shanghai, China  (book)  
  - "In Memory of Morel Derfler", Musrara school of photography, Jerusalem, Israel  (cat.)  
  - "To remember Morel", The Municipal Theater, Haifa, Israel   
  - "Dialog", a portfolio of 6 international artists, PPC, Cologne, Germany   
  - "Mail Art 7 - 40 Years of Mail Art", Sala Cassero, Castel St. Pietro Terme, Italy (cat.)  
2001 - "The Holiday of Holidays", Children, Wadi Nisnass, Haifa, Israel (cat.)  
  - "Jewish Artists on the Edge", Yeshiva University Museum, New York, USA (cat.)  
  - "Markers", International outdoors project, Venice, Italy; Israel   
2000 - "Wish List", The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel   
  - "Holiday of Holidays Childhood", Wadi Nisnas, Haifa, Israel (cat.)  
  - "Nachum and Miller 6", Pyramida Center for Contemporary Art, Haifa, Israel   
  - "From Mirror to Memory", 100 years of photography in Israel, Mane Katz Museum, Haifa, Israel (cat.)  
  - "Between the Mountain and the Sea", The Municipal Museum, Haifa, Israel (cat.)  
  - "Milestones for Peace", Performing Arts Center, Tel Aviv, Israel (cat.)  
  - "Millennium 2000 - Strange Days", international mail art project, Pistoia, Italy (cat.)  
  - "Time Frame", A Century of Photography in Israel, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel (cat.)  
  - "Images in a Post Photographic Age", Visual Studies Workshop, Rochester, NY, USA   
  - The Fifth Biennial Photography Art Auction", CEPA, Buffalo, NY, USA (cat.)  
  - Jewish Artists: on the Edge", Fine Arts Gallery, The College of Santa Fe, NM, USA   
  - "The Table of the Little Iconoclast", Int. mail art project, Bassano, Italy (cat.)  
  - "Life in Two", Municipal theatre lobby, Rishon Letzion, Israel   
1999 - "Images in a Post Photographic Age", CEPA Gallery, Buffalo, NY, USA (cat.)  
  - "Urban Mirror", Janco-Dada Museum, En Hod, Israel   
  - International Mail Art exhibition, Torreglia, Italy   
  - "Story Time", Appendix A, The Artists House, Jerusalem, Israel   
  - "It Turns - Original or Fake", Givatayim Theatre, Givatayim, Israel   
  - "Holiday of Holidays", Wadi Nisnass & Bet Hageffen, Haifa, Israel   
  - Grosse Kunst Ausstellung NRW, Messe, Düsseldorf, Germany   
  - 1st International Triennale of Installation, Haifa Museum of Art, Israel (cat.)  
1998 - "Retail Price", Pyramida Center for Contemporary Art, Haifa, Israel   
  - "Holiday Of Holidays", Wadi Nisnass, Haifa, Israel   
  - "Milestones", Israeli Sculpture 1948-1998 , The Open Museum, Tefen, Israel (cat.)  
  - "The Bridge", Construction in Process VI, International Art Symposium, Melbourne, Australia,   
  - "Inside the Pyramid" , Pyramida, Haifa, Israel   
  - "Story Time", Candid Gallery, London (cat.)  
  - "Close - Far Away", Pyramida, Haifa, Israel (cat.)  
  - Grosse Kunst Ausstellung NRW, Düsseldorf, Germany (cat.)  
  - "Mifgash" ("Meeting"), , Dusseldorf Germany  
1997 - "In the Eyes of Men", Pyramida Center, Haifa, Israel (cat.)  
  - "Tikun", Artists Gallery, En Hod, Israel   
  - "Figure", Artists Gallery, En Hod, Israel   
  - "down with the Occupation", Al Wasiti Art Center, Jerusalem, Israel   
  - Humanism 2020, 4th Sculpture Biennale, Ein Hod, Israel (cat.)  
1996 - 4th Biennial of Graphic Art, Cvujeta Zuzoric Art Pavilion, Belgrade, Yugoslavia (cat.)  
  - Holiday of Holidays, Wadi Nisnass, Haifa, Israel (cat.)  
  - New etchings from the Kabri print workshop, Binett Gallery, Tel Aviv   
  - "Artists - Messengers of Peace", Ha'aretz Museum, Tel Aviv (cat.)  
  - 3 new members, Artists Gallery, En Hod, Israel   
  - "In Paradise", Installations, Pyramida Center for Contemporary Art, Haifa, Israel   
  - 3rd Sapporo International Print Biennale, Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art, Hokkaido, Japan (cat.)  
1995 - "Memory and Obsession", Artist's House, Jerusalem (cat.)  
  - 11th Triennale of Graphic Art, Frederikstad, Norway (cat.)  
  - International Mini Print Triennale, Tokyo, Japan (cat.)  
  - "Hermit 4", international art meeting, Plasy, Czech Republic (cat.)  
  - "Blindness Test", Pyramida Center, Haifa, Israel   
  - Very large prints, Pyramida Center, Haifa, Israel   
  - "Artist's Choice", Haifa Museum of Art, Israel (postcatds)  
  - Tokyo International Mini Print Biennale, Japan (cat.)  
  - "Artist Wall", Workshop in Nature art center, Amuka Israel  
1994 - The 3rd Biennial of Art in Miniature, Gornji Milanovac, Serija (cat.)  
  - "Images Room", Ramat Eliyahoo Art Center, Rishon Letzion, Israel (cat.)  
  - "Photopia", Hasolelim Gallery, Israel (cat.)  
  - "Gamadanak", Municipal Gallery, Rehovot, Israel (cat.)  
  - Seoul International Contemporary Art Festival, Seoul, Korea (cat.)  
  - "Aestas Vll", Carree Estampes Galerie, Luxembourg   
  - Tel Hai 1994 , Installations, Tel Hai, Israel   
  - Prints from the workshop, Kabri Gallery, kibbutz Kabri, Israel   
  - "Focus on Industry" , Photograps, Ramat Gan Museum for Israeli Art (cat.)  
  - 7th International Print Biennale, Varna, Bulgaria (cat.)  
  - 1st International Graphic Art Biennale, Maastricht, Holland (cat.)  
  - Opening exhibition, Pyramida Centre for Contemporary Art, Haifa Israel  
  - Installations in tents, Tel Hai campus, Israel (cat.)  
1993 - "Border Line", Ashdod Museum of Art, Ashdod, The Haifa University, Israel   
  - The 2nd Kochi International Triennale Exhibition of Prints, Kochi, Japan (cat.)  
  - Sculpture Exhibition in the Little Forest, Ra'anana, Israel (cat.)  
  - Biennale of Miniature Prints, Lodz, Poland (cat.)  
1992 - 10th Norwegian International Print Triennale, Frederikstad, Norway (cat.)  
  - "North", The Open Museum, Tefen, Israel   
  - Prints, The Art Gallery, Haifa University, Israel   
  - Curators of Israeli Art, Sara Konforti Gallery, Jaffa, Israel (cat.)  
  - The Artist Decides - Bad Works" , Artists Studios Gallery, Tel Aviv (cat.)  
  - Artists Meeting, Sodom, Dead sea, Israel   
  - "Creating Peace", Bet Hayotzer Gallery, Haifa, Israel (cat.)  
  - Mini Print Internacional, Cadaques, Spain (cat.)  
  - "Images of Life", Heidelberg, Germany (cat.)  
1991 - Prints from the Collection, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem   
  - 19th International Biennale of Graphic Art, Ljubljana, Yugoslavia (cat.)  
  - Miniart 91, Olofstrom, Sweden (cat.)  
  - 6th International Print Biennale, Varna, Bulgaria   
  - Small Prints Exhibition, Lodz, Poland (cat.)  
  - Israeli Artists, Modern Art Gallery, Moscow, Russia   
  - "Aestas IV", Carree Estampes Galerie, Luxembourg   
  - Israeli Contemporary Graphic Art, Religion Museum, Lvov, Ukraine   
1990 - 10 Years of collecting, Tel Aviv Museum of Art   
  - "Art of Today lll", Buda Castle Palace Museum, Budapest, Hungary (cat.)  
  - "Premio internazionale biella per l'incisione", Biella, Italy (cat.)  
  - Exhibition No.1, Artists Studios Gallery, Haifa, Israel   
  - Israeli Photography, Stara Gallery - Warshaw, Biala Gallery - Lublin, Poland   
  - "The Column in Contemporary Israeli Sculpture", The Tel Aviv University Gallery, Israel (cat.)  
  - Interprint - International print exhibition, Lvov, Ukraine (cat.)  
  - "Aestas lll", Carree Estampes Gallery, Luxembourg   
  - "The Museum as a Collector", Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Israel   
  - Prints from the Discount Bank portfolio , Bet Ariella, Tel Aviv, Israel   
  - Celler for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv, Israel   
  - 11th International Impact Art Festival, Kyoto, Japan (cat.)  
  - "Border of Peace", Giv'at Haviva Art Center, Israel   
  - Teachers of Wizo College of Design, Artists Studios, Haifa, Israel   
1989 - "Living with a Dream", Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Israel (cat.)  
  - 7 artists, Bet Hushi Gallery, Haifa   
  - "Home" , Tzavta Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel   
  - Small prints biennale, Lodz, Poland (cat.)  
  - 5th International Print Biennale, Varna, Bulgaria   
  - New acquisitions, Haifa Museum of Art, Israel   
  - "Aestas ll", Carree Estampes Gallery, Luxembourg   
  - 9th Norwegian print Triennale, Frederikstad, Norway (cat.)  
  - 18th International Biennale of Graphic Art, Ljubljana, Yugoslavia (cat.)  
  - "Channels of Memory", Camera Obscura Gallery, Tel Aviv   
  - 3 winners of the Premio Cervo prize, Brindisi, Italy   
  - "Architecture on Paper", The Israel Museum, Jerusalem   
1988 - "Modern Drawings - New Approaches", Museum of Modern Art, Haifa, Israel (cat.)  
  - "Requiem to Wadi Saliv", Bet Hayotzer Gallery, Haifa (cat.)  
  - "Haifa - Portrait of the City", Museum of Modern Art, Haifa, Israel (cat.)  
  - "3+6", Touch Wood Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel   
  - "Still but Breathing", a travelling exhibition of Omanut La'am, Israel (cat.)  
  - The 5th International Graphic Exhibition, Catania, Italy   
  - "Intersection Carree", Carree Estampe Gallery, Luxembourg   
  - "Sky Line", Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv, Israel (cat.)  
  - 5th International Biennial Exhibition of Portrait, Tuzla, Yugoslavia (cat.)  
  - "Artist - Media - Community", Bet Hayotzer Gallery, Haifa, Israel   
  - "Photographers Against the Occupation", Camera Obscura gallery, Tel Aviv   
  - 8 Israeli artists, Stuttgart and Uelzen, Germany   
1987 - The 4th International Graphic Exhibition, Catania, Italy (cat.)  
  - 8th International Impact Art Festival, Kyoto, Japan (cat.)  
  - Premio Internazionale Biella per L'incisione, Biella, Italy (cat.)  
  - "Art of Today 2", International exhibition, Budapest, Hungary (cat.)  
  - Triennale Internationale De la Gravure Contemporaine, Luxembourg (cat.)  
  - "Down with the Occupation", Tzavta Gallery, Tel Aviv (cat.)  
  - "Vom Landschaftsbild zur Spurensicherung", Ludwig Museum, Cologne (cat.)  
  - "Amikor Kassak", Budapest, Hungary   
  - 8 artists from Israel, Hofheim am Taunus, Germany (cat.)  
  - Against the Iron Hand, Camera Obscura, Tel Aviv   
  - Down with the Occupation, Rega Gallery, Tel Aviv   
1986 - The First Israeli Photography Biennale, Ein Harod Museum, Israel (cat.)  
  - "Arts of Today", International exhibition, Budapest, Hungary (cat.)  
  - 12 Israeli photographers, Lieberman & Saul gallery, New York   
  - 9th International Engraving Biennale, Bradford, England (cat.)  
  - "Warm - Cold in Israeli Art", Museum Of Modern Art, Haifa, Israel   
1985 - Selected works from the 9th Rijeka International Exhibition of Original Drawing - a travelling exhibition through England, Ireland and Wales   
  - "Kis Kunsan", International Show, Institute of contemporary arts, Kunsan, Korea (cat.)  
  - "199 Meters", Museum of Modern Art, Haifa, Israel   
  - "Trees", Center for Visual Art, Be'er Sheva, Israel   
  - "Trees", Horace Richter Gallery, Jaffa, Israel   
  - 16th International Biennale of Graphic Art, Ljubljana, Yugoslavia (cat.)  
  - "Nitzana 85", Art Meeting, Nitzana border point, Israel   
  - 4 artists, Telma Yelin art college, Tel Aviv, Israel   
  - "Shefayim 85" , kibbutz Shefayim, Israel (cat.)  
  - "June 85", Dizengoff Center, Tel Aviv (cat.)  
  - International "Experimental Art" exhibition, Budapest, Hungary (cat.)  
  - "Quantity - Variety - Value", Museum of Modern Art, Haifa, Israel   
1984 - 4 Artists, Kibbutz Elon Gallery, Israel   
  - International exhibition of Original Drawings, Moderna Galeria, Rijeka, Yugoslavia (cat.)  
  - Selected works from the Eexhibition of Original Drawings - Atravelling exhibition in GB, Scotland, Wales and Ireland (cat.)  
  - 6 Israeli Artists, Municipal Museum, Maulbronn, Germany   
  - Contemporary Israeli Graphic Art, A travelling exhibition in the US (cat.)  
  - Teachers from the Wizo college of Design (Haifa), Witlich, Germany (cat.)  
  - Teachers from the Wizo college of Design (Haifa), Luxembourg   
  - International Mail Art exhibition, Club of Young Artists, Budapest, Hungary (cat.)  
1983 - "Nature as an Excuse and Inspiration", Museum of Modern Art, Haifa   
  - "Tip of the Iceberg", The Israel Museum, Jerusalem   
  - 4 Israeli artists, Philadelphia, USA   
  - 6 Artists from Israel, Bad Bergzabern, Germany   
  - International exhibition of drawings, International Fine Art Center, Seoul, Korea  (cat.)  
  - 1st Prints Triennale, Museum of Modern Art, Haifa (cat.)  
  - Contemporary Israeli Graphic Art, Janco-Dada Museum, En Hod, Israel (cat.)  
  - "Tel Hai 83", International art meeting, Tel Hay, Israel (cat.)  
  - 15th International Biennale of Graphic Art, Ljublijana, Yugoslavia (cat.)  
  - Summer Exhibition, Radius gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel   
1982 - 14e Festival International de la Peinture, Chateau-Musee de Cagnes sur-mer, Cagnes Sur Mer, France (cat.)  
  - 2nd International Impact Art Festival, Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art, Japan (cat.)  
  - Print making In Israel, a travelling exhibition of Omanut La'am, Israel   
  - Israeli prints from the Discount Bank portfolio, Museum of Modern Art, Haifa, Israel   
  - Artists House, Tel Aviv, Israel   
  - 4 artists, Center of Visual Art, Be'er Sheba, Israel   
  - Teachers of the Wizo Clooege of Design, Merzig, Germany (cat.)  
  - Homage to Margoshilski, Museum of Modern Art, Haifa   
  - International mail art exhibition, Kwan Hoon Museum of Fine Art, Seoul, Korea (cat.)  
  - Israeli Artists from Tel Aviv, Paulskirche, Frankfurt, Germany (cat.)  
1981 - International Impact Art Festival, Kyoto Municipal Museum, Japan (cat.)  
1980 - "Borders", The Israel Museum, Jerusalem (cat.)  
  - Artists House, Tel Aviv, Israel   
  - "Color", Naomi Giv'on Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel   
  - "Different Approaches to the Human Body", Museum of Modern Art, Haifa, Israel   
  - "Abstract Israeli Prints", Aba Hushi municipal gallery, Haifa, Israel   
1979 - "Artists Chosing Artists", The Tel Aviv Museum of Art , Israel   
  - Highlights from the collection of Israeli photography, The Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Israel   
  - New equisitions of Israeli Art, Museum of Modern Art, Haifa, Israel   
  - Teachers from the Tel Aviv School of Art, Artists House, Tel Aviv, Israel   
  - 13th international biennale of graphic art, Ljubljana, Yugoslavia (cat.)   
1978 - "Starting a Collection", the photography gallery of The Israel Museum, Jerusalem   
  - "30 Israeli Artists - Prints", the Tel Aviv University art gallery, Israel (cat.)  
  - New aquisitions of Israeli Art, Haifa Museum of Modern Art, Israel   
  - "Exhibition No.1", Hakibbutz Gallery, Tel Aviv   
  - "Drawing With...", Hakibbutz Gallery, Tel Aviv   
  - "Kibbutz - Common Ground", Artists House, Tel Aviv   
  - "3+3", Hakibbutz Gallery, Tel Aviv   
1977 - Tel Aviv International Art Fair, Israel (cat.)  
1976 - Israeli Graphic Art, Guzel Sanatlar Akademisi, Istanbul, Turky (cat.)  
1975 - Israeli Graphic Art, Reinickendorf Grafotek, Berlin, West Germany (cat.)  
  - "Black & White", Artists House, Tel Aviv   
  - Drawings, Hakibbutz Gallery, Tel Aviv   
1974 - 4th International Engraving Biennale, Palazzo Strozzi, Firenze, Italy (cat.)  
  - "12 hours of Film - Concept", The Israeli Cinemateque, Tel Aviv (cat.)  
1973 - Graphic art in Israel, The Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Israel   
  - "Group Exhibition A", Artists House, Tel Aviv   
1972 - 3rd Biennale of Graphic Art, Buenos Aires, Argentina (cat.)  
1970 - "10 +" Dealing with Venus, Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv   
  - 2nd Biennale of Graphic Art, Buenos Aires, Argentina (cat.)  
  - "10 from the Kibbutz", Hakibbutz Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel   
1969 - "10 + For & Against", 220 Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel   
  - Autumn Exhibition, The Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Israel (cat.)  
  - "10 + In a Circle", Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv   
  - 3 Israeli Artists, The Gallery of The America-Israel Foundation, New York, Israel   
  - "Prints from 'Atelier 17' (Paris)", Museum of Modern Art, Haifa, Israel (cat.)  
  - Art Festival, Exhibitions Gardens, Tel Aviv, Israel (cat.)  
1968 - 1st Biennale of Graphic Art, Buenos Aires, Argentina (cat.)  
  - 5 artists, Municipal Gallery, Holon, Israel   
  - Summer exhibition, Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel   
  - 1st Biennale of Graphic Art, Buenos Aires, Argentina (cat.)  
  - Autumn Exhibition, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Israel (cat.)  
1967 - 7th International Biennale of Graphic Art, Ljubljana, Yugoslavia (cat.)  
  - 4 artists, Hakibbutz Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel   
  - A group show, Artista House, Tel Aviv, Israel   
1966 - Graduates from The Tel Aviv School of Painting, Bet Yad Labanim, Tel Aviv, Israel   
1965 - "Kibbutz Artists", a travelling exhibition in Latin America (cat.)  
  - Young artists from the kibbutz movement, Artists House, Tel Aviv, Israel   
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In Israel: The Israel Museum, Jerusalem; Tel Aviv Museum of Art; Museum of Modern Art, Haifa; Ein Harod Museum of Art; Janco-Dada museum, Ein Hod; The Graphotek, Tel Aviv; Discount Bank collection

Abroad: Biblioteque Nationale, Paris; Tama University Museum, Tokyo, Japan; Institute of Contemporary Arts, Kunsan university, South Korea
In Germany: Museum of Modern Art, Hunfeld; Ludwig Museum, Cologne; Museum Kunstpalast, Dusseldorf;
- So Late So Soon, photographs, texts by Joshua Sobol and Avraham Eilat, 2016
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- Avraham Eilat, paintings & drawings, no text, Galerie Eremitage, Scwaz, Austria, 1969
2006 - Guest curator for The National Maritime Museum, Haifa
1999 - 2000 Artistic director and chief curator of the Tel Hai Photography Museum
1989 - 1991 Photography curator at the Haifa Museum of Art
1986 - Founder of the 1st Israeli Photography Biennale, Museum of Ein Harod and member of the curatorial board

Photography Exhibitions

For the Israeli Museum of Photography, at the Tel-Hai Industrial Park
2001 - Edith Godik & Ernesto Levy: "Beyond a black Wall"
         - Dov Segal: "Dreamers on their Land"
         - Peter Merom: "The Graphics of Nature"
         - Malka Inbal: "Between Black and White "
2000 - "Warm Land", Palestine in the 19th century in the photographs of Bonfils
         - "Introspection and Reflection", Graduates from photography schools in Israel

For the Haifa Museum of Art
1991 - Joel Peter Witkin (cat.)
1990 - Ilana Degani (cat.)
1989 - "The Body" (cat.)
         - "One Nation" (cat.)
         - "Limits of Consciousness" (cat.)

For the National Maritime Museum, Haifa

2015 - Sea Shore, photographs by Micha Bar-Am (cat.)
2014 - A calm Sea - Roi Kuper, photographs (cat.)
2010 - Sea Mud and Salt - David Gerstein, paintings
2007 - "On the Warm Sand", a group exhibition
         - "Fishing", a group exhibition
2006 - Dror Maayan- "Traces of the Sea"
         - Liliana Gelman - "Sea of Dreams"
2006 - Shemuel Katz - Sailing Over the Days (cat.)
- Amiram Erev - "Ship, Quay, Man"
2005 - "100 Messages from Around the Globe         

For Kultur Bahnhof Eller, Dusseldorf
2011 - Auf des Spuren Judicher Zeichen
2009 - Fotografie Aus Israel

Other Venues
2018 - "Oh Jerusalem", Lausberg galerie, Dusseldorf, Germany
1998 - Ofer Shafrir, Artists House, Jerusalem
1991 - "A Border of Peace", Givat Haviva art center, Israel

Visual arts Exhibitions

For Pyramida, Center for Contemporary Art, Haifa, Israel
2007 - Yeheskiel Yardeni: "Pyramid in pyramida"
2006 - "Faces", a group exhibition
2005 - Zohar Nir-Amitin: "A Place for Worry"
         - Dror Karta: "No Strength for Time"
1996 - "Thinking in Advance", sketches and models of sculptures
         - "Through Man's Eyes", a group exhibition
1995 - "My Heart is in the East", Pyramida, Centre for Contemporary Art, Haifa (cat)

Other Venues
2006 - "The Silence of the Sea", Italian Culture Center, Haifa, Israel

For Janco-Dada Museum, En Hod, Israel
2015 - Wilfred Neuse (Duesseldorf)
2017 - Vera Lossau (Duesseldorf)
Vagram Galstiyan (Yerevan, Armenia)
2018 - Bernhard Kucken (Duesseldorf)
- Rudolf Pacsika (Hungary)
2019 - Bernard Langerock (Duesseldorf)
Since 1975 - The Municipal Theatre, Haifa, The Kameri Theatre, Tel Aviv, Bet Hageffen Theatre, Haifa